Color Symbolism (Pink and Green)

I’m sure people that know me know that I like to look at things a little deeper (like when I did the title meanings for T&B)

Anyway, I wanted to look something up after I saw that on Barnaby’s bio, pink is listed as his “symbolic color” — So, I’ll be doing this for him and for Kotetsu as well. I don’t think I’ll do it for the other heroes just yet because I want to focus more on the duo on my first run of the anime.

Colors, depending on the situation, have different meanings and I’ve found TONS, so I’ll only be choosing some that I feel will relate and I will also add links to further color symbolism pages (which may or may not fully relate to the characters were talking about).

– Barnaby’s color
According to three-musketeers, the color pink has two different purposes. To show childish innocence or characters with a childish personality.
I’m sure I don’t even have to point out how some of this fits. So, we’ll move on.

– Kotetsu’s color
According to three-musketeers,
Green can represent the following: nature, the environment, good luck, youth, vigor, jealousy, envy, and misfortune. It can also be regarded as the color of eternal life. (Episode 25: Eternal Immortality, anyone?)

This is just a small bit of color symbolism in order to keep you readers from getting bored. Also, on a color wheel, Pink and Green do complement each other and are often used together frequently.

You can read more about the colors here:
three-musketeers (also includes other colors)
colorexpert (also includes other colors)
beading-design-jewlery (pink color page. associated words & more)

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2 Responses to Color Symbolism (Pink and Green)

  1. mrsspooky says:

    HA! I do the same thing, just haven’t done it with Tiger & Bunny yet. I was wondering about the colors they used and had half a mind to look them up but you saved me the trouble. Thanks!

    Love the site.

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