I’m sure the few of my older readers will remember these ladies!
If not, please read:

(I did say I was bringing back the music posts right? Well, now’s that time!)

My first WP post was about CHI-CHI. I had originally heard about their coming debut through Allkpop. I did not have high hopes (and if you read the above post, you should know why.)

Once I listened to their debut single, I started to like them a little and I was impressed. I had not thought I would be listening to their single more than just a couple times.

Today, Allkpop reported that CHI-CHI would be making their comeback on July 21st 2011. Which is almost about 4 months since their debut back in March. The title song of their album will be “Longer” – The album will have 3 versions of the new single and will sound completely different from their debut single. (Which reminds me, uhm, Hello ZE:A and F.Cuz….identity switch much?)

I don’t think CHI-CHI will be pulling off an “Identity Switch” as I call it but I think it would be pretty nice to see. In the next few days, I’ll try to see if I can get the full track list before the 20th (which would be the 21st in S.Korea).



PS: I didn’t realize it before but, CHI-CHI is Yedang Ent. group (I didn’t realize until a friend sent me a video of their song on AuditionKR, which is ALSO a part of Yedang Ent.)
So, for those that are lucky enough to access AuditionKR, you may have an event once again with these girls or at least some more of their songs.

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