Tiger & Bunny EP14 Review!

I know I have not posted reviews for Episodes 10 – 13. Those 4 episodes as I said, were of course linked to each other and it’s quite a lot to do because I have to get screenshots (since 2ch doesn’t really screencap everything and those threads are gone by now)

EP14 will be getting a quick review instead of a full one but only because it didn’t really satisfy me enough and I’ll explain why.


T&B Rumors and new episode titles: http://demyandere.tumblr.com/post/7166102147/rumors-ep16-17-titles

T&B Episode title meanings (THIRD UPDATE) : http://demyandere.tumblr.com/post/7166744594/t-b-episode-name-meanings-update-3
This is a shot of the new OP. Kaede is holding Kotetsu’s phone and goes through some of his pictures. You can see young Kaede, baby Kaede, Kotetsu’s wife (Tomoe Amamiya), some of the heroes w/o costumes along with Agnes and Kaede stops on the picture of Barnaby. I believe Kaede will find out about Kotetsu’s secret soon by asking why he has a picture of Barnaby (because he’s the only hero who doesn’t hide his identity)

Barnaby: Heh.
Kotetsu: *smiles and looks away* Hello.

(What I found weird was why that happened. I’m wonder if they hadn’t seen each other in a while or I don’t know.)

This episode is a 10 month time skip. Barnaby became King of Heroes and Kotetsu won 4th place. They are still a duo and still stop Lunatic’s “Justice”. It also seems like they haven’t really been with the other heroes as much as they used to.

Barnaby also cares for and respects Kotetsu a lot more then he did when they first met. In the beginning of the episode’s interview for the HERO TV SPECIAL, they act like total newlyweds, I’m not even kidding (seriously go watch it!) they also said that they’ve been that way since Day 1…which we all know IS A TOTAL LIE.

And yes, Barnaby is now FULL dere to the point where a lot of people have called it creepy. He smiles a lot more and is way more friendly with Kotetsu.


Anyway, the main focus of this episode is Karina and her crush on Kotetsu, she doesn’t know if it’s love. Later, Agnes tells Karina she must teach Kotetsu and Barnaby how to dance for some debut of theirs, I don’t what kind of debut. Which reminds me, Kotetsu and Barnaby WILL be getting character CD songs. I don’t know when they are coming out but I will keep everyone posted!

So, Barnaby and Kotetsu are now very buddy buddy *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH*, even Lloyds is very nice to them now. They go into the studio and Karina is all tsun about it, she then asks if they can even dance (well I mean, if you were asked to teach them, THAT SAYS A LOT, RIGHT?)

And of course, Kotetsu’s got mad skill (in fact, I’m very jelly). Trust me on this one, you’ll want to go check that part of the episode out.

After some off-screen dancing, we get this:

(Thank you @flapworld!)

That didn’t happen by the way. This did:


After this little number, Karina points out that Kotetsu is a beat off rhythm. Kotetsu requests a break, as he says “I can’t make a breakthrough if I don’t take a break!” LOL!

Barnaby gives Karina a little lesson about Kotetsu and how he used to think “What is wrong with him (Kotetsu)?” but later learned that he tries hard and he really does care and puts others before him. Yay!

(Honestly, I’m hoping for a cat fight between Barnaby and Karina one of these days BUT HEY, that’s just me)

After Kotetsu asks Karina to help him practice some extra so Barnaby won’t make fun of him, THE ACTION ENSUES!

It was pretty much just a creeper guy who’s obsessed with idols and his NEXT power is holding his breath to become invisible. He stole Karina’s bag and inside was a towel Kotetsu gave Karina because he ruined her other one with coffee.

Moving forward, blah blah blah… Kotetsu finds out he can now use what I believe is two hundred or three hundred power. It makes him run even FASTER then usual but his power exhausts 30 seconds before it is suppose to and he glows red. I don’t really know what to say about it.

Oh and Antonio gets screen time! He was going to get fired but he ended up saving the day which saved his job. Barnaby thought it was Kotetsu pulling another “Ah, my power ran out” like what happened with Tony and is very happy about it. (This is where he says “Come on. You were amazing today!”)

Karina also says she’ll treasure the towel forever. Which makes Kotetsu go:

“What is it with her?”

And y’all thought Barnaby was creepy. Yeah, Karina is totally creepy.
I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it but, I’m not a fan of Karina/Kotetsu. It just doesn’t work. Not because she’s 16 (or/is 17 now) and he’s almost 38 (by now I’m guessing)  but because…well, I’d rather not rant about it there.

Anyway, the episode ended very nicely and I’m looking forward to next week. Although this episode wasn’t my favorite, it was still great!

NEXT WEEK: Sky High episode! (please read more about it from one of the quick links above this post!)


  • Although I love dere Barnaby, I’m hoping he and Kotetsu have little differences here and there because the fact that they did that really gave it a lot of nice feelings (not sure how to explain) but I loved seeing how they grew from Barnaby completely not trusting Kotetsu to really caring and giving him a chance. I’m hoping they build on top of this.
  • Because of the recent change of personalities of the main character (mainly Kotetsu and Barnaby) I’m really hoping they just don’t leave the series at 24/25ish episodes. Villains can be created, THERE CAN BE MORE! As much as I hate when series are milked, I’d really like to see T&B as a weekly superhero anime, like the old Saturday morning cartoon days. Sort of like how Detective Conan is a weekly mystery!
  • KRIEM IS STILL ALIVE. I forgot to mention this. Even to the time-skip, she is alive. We don’t know where she is but she has not given any commentary on what happened 10 months ago (story time. Last week real time)
  • I don’t know why but “White Dorothy” as we’ve dubbed her (what we think is Keith’s girlfriend) may be tied with Kriem. I’m hoping not.


Screencap from OP





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