Quick Nintendo Conference post!

(Yeah I know I’m really late with my T&B EP10 post, sorry! I’ll have it done once E3 is over)

I just want to say that I DID watch Nintendo’s conference. Sure, I wasn’t all TOO excited and all but I wasn’t disappointed. Sure they came out with their usual IP’s, but that doesn’t mean they probably don’t have something up their sleeve. It’s like how Ridge Racer comes out on every handheld by them so far. It’s JUST the beginning.

Don’t judge what the industry puts out there before you even touch it, even if they show games that don’t seem “fun” or “new”. We all should know that each system/ect has their own unique thing or game that makes people want to buy it later on in the road. Give it time, you can’t rush success. Say what you will, I won’t put down your opinion but, that’s what I think.

I’m looking forward to the WiiU (and PSVita). And even if I wasn’t, I’d get them eventually anyway.
In the past I’ve said ‘Oh no, I would never get that system’ (which is what I said about the 360) then the Kinect came along and I saw games I was interested in and couldn’t get on other consoles.

So, I learned from my mistakes in the past and stopped judging the systems/consoles/games when they’re announced. You may think they’re stupid but if you give them a try, you might like them. If not, then you were right or maybe it just doesn’t appeal to you and just move on.

Now, let’s enjoy the rest of E3 and let’s see what there is in store!

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