Tiger & Bunny (Drama CD translation)

NOTE: I did NOT translate this. A very nice anon began to translate but had to go to work and I don’t believe he continued afterwards. All credit goes to him. I’m just posting it up so people can find it and get at least the gist of what is going on. Some of the spelling and some parts of the translation may be off, I didn’t re-read it after because I can’t do much translation myself. Anyway, enjoy!

(If I do find a full version before next week or so, I’ll post it up)

Bartender: Here’s your shochu on the rocks.
Nathan: Hmm, so this is where you usually drink?
Kotetsu: Sometimes. Just to keep Rock Bison company.
Antonio: Huh?! Hey, you make it sound like I’m dragging you here against your will!
Kotetsu: It’s too sad to think about a single guy drinking all by himself.

Nathan starts teasing Antonio by calling him his “Madonna” and “daimakura-chan”, then says something I can’t make out but that makes Antonio call him a “beard narcissist”. They start mock arguing and Nathan swoons over the testosterone flying between them.

Antonio: Let’s settle thing today!
Kotetsu: Bring it!
Nathan: Woah, time, time, time! What do you mean, let’s settle things?

Antonio tells him that it’s something from back in their high school days.

Nathan: Huh? That long ago?
Antonio: You might not believe it looking at me now, but back then I was famous.
Kotetsu: Don’t say that yourself.
Antonio: On day, I heard a rumor about another high school student in the neighboring town that had never lost a fight. That was this guy.

Punk 1: Huh? Kotetsu T Kaburagi? What a weird name.
They then go into typical gang talk and speculation, wondering if this guy is going to try to encroach on their territory and such. Antonio says that if he tries, he’ll kick his ass.

Kotetsu interrupts.

Kotetsu: Whoa, wait, hold it right there.
Antonio: Hey, don’t interrupt people when they talk!

Kotetsu starts giving him flack for the way he’s doing the introduction, I think.

Kotetsu: You might not think it now, but back then I was the foremost vanguard or justice.
Antonio: Don’t say that yourself. (What’s with this foremost vanguard of justice bullshit?)

Then Kotetsu starts by saying he was in the classroom after school one day…

Tomoe: May I have a moment of your time, Mr. Kotetsu T Kaburagi?
Kotetsu: Hm? What is it, Ms. Glasses?
Tomoe: Stop calling me that. I have a name; it’s Amamiya.
Kotetsu: Soooo terrible sorrrry, Ms. Class Rep.
Tomoe: Why weren’t you at choir practice, Mr. Kotetsu T Kaburagi?*
Kotetsu: Hey, why don’t you stop with the full name thing?
Tomoe: Are you listening to what I’m saying?
Kotetsu: Yeah, I’m listening. I wasn’t interested.
Tomoe: It’s important to promote sociability!
Kotetsu: Yeah, yeah, got it. I’ll be there next time!
Tomoe: Oh, honestly…

[*I’m pretty sure she said choir practice, but it could have been something else.]

Tomoe: Hm? What have you been writing all this time? You look so serious.
Kotetsu: Nothing.

She grabs what he was writing.

Kotetsu: Ah, hey! Don’t look at it!
Tomoe: What is this?
Kotetsu: Um, err…I’m trying to think of a hero name.
Tomoe: Why?
Kotetsu: Um, well, it’s sort of my dream and stuff…
Tomoe: Huh?! You’re going to try to become a hero?!
Kotetsu: Go ahead and laugh if you want.
Tomoe: Wow, that’s AMAZING! I’m a big superhero fan!
Kotetsu: Eh?

Kotetsu: Really?!
Tomoe: That’s right! I have the complete premium Hero TV set!
Kotetsu: Whoa, that’s hardcore! Hey, help me choose an awesome name!
Tomoe: All right, but stop yelling about heroes.
Kotetsu: Fine. Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to these three.
Tomoe: Okay, let’s see. “Fate Wanderer: The Destiny”, “Fearful Body: The Muscle”, and “The Prince of Fists, Mr. Punch”. They all suck. You’re terrible at this.
Kotetsu: Y-You don’t have to say it like that…

Tomoe: Well, why don’t we do this? In “Kotetsu T Kaburagi” there’s the character for “tiger”, so how about “Fighting Tiger”?
Kotetsu: If we’re going to do that, then I’d rather have “Fighting Lion”!
Tomoe: Huh? But I like the “tiger” better…
Kotetsu: But a lion is stronger! All right, how does this sound? “The Indefatigable Wild Lion”! Ah, someone’s coming.

Girl: Kaburagi, Kaburagi, someone from that person is here again.
Kotetsu: Who?
Girl: You know, Antonio, from the next town over.
Kotetsu: Oh, him? Who cares.
Tomoe: Hey, hold on a second. ANOTHER fight?
Kotetsu: No, it’s not like that.
Tomoe: Liar. Otherwise why would this person be angry?
Kotetsu: Hey, it’s not my fault if this guy keeps on bugging–
Tomoe: No violence!
Kotetsu: Geez, you sound like my mom! Why do I have to take this crap from you?
Tomoe: It’s my duty as class rep to make sure that people behave in the proper way!
Kotetsu: You’re overdoing it.


Something happened after that but I’m not sure what.

Climax of the drama (part that was left untranslated. These are parts that I know of by reading some of the other anon’s translation pieces)
The delinquents that hang around Antonio kidnap Tomoe and leave her in a storehouse or some kind which ends up catching fire. Kotetsu is sent a letter (this part can be heard where you hear the paper noise) and says something about having his woman kidnapped. Kotetsu is confused (“They kidnapped my woman!…wait, who’s my woman?”)

Antonio finds out about this and gets very angry because he had ONLY called out Kotetsu. His “manly code” also makes him against having any woman involved.

(I DON’T know if the rest is in order, I can’t really listen to the drama right now but I’m sure you guys can put it together in the right order)

Skipping ahead, Kotetsu does save Tomoe and she finds out he’s a NEXT. Tomoe gets dere and calls Kotetsu by only his name (plus a suffix). Kotetsu also calls Tomoe by her first name (plus a suffix. I believe it was Tomoe-chan?) This causes Tomoe to get mad and go back to Tsun.

Antonio ALSO finds out Kotetsu is a NEXT and says “You could’ve easily beaten me.” or something. He also asked “Why didn’t you use those powers in our fight? You used them to save her instead” (rough translation). Kotetsu says that his powers should be used to save people (cue that Mr.Legend flashback from EP2!). This makes Antonio decide to change his ways and he becomes close friends with Kotetsu.

When they finish the story, some other dialog happens but I didn’t get anything for those. I do know though that when Nathan starts talking, he says something about his younger days and how he was a “First Class Bishounen” and how he had some kind of relationship with a rugby player at his school (I don’t even remember), he was JUST about to start, then Kotetsu and Antonio walked out on him and said they had things to do.

(I THINK that his story will be revealed in Vol.3’s Drama CD. The story is about Keith and Ivan helping Nathan run a shop or something. Ya know, I’m hoping that rugby player was Keith…LOL. Just kidding!…but hey, you never know. Stern Bild seems like a huge place but there are a lot of reoccurring characters, including minor characters…like Backpack girl)

NOTE: Choir practice is required in some Japanese High Schools. This doesn’t mean Kotetsu CAN sing. However, it is a possibility



Vol 2: Karina gets her own Radio Show but is displeased with how it’s going and invites her own guests. I know Barnaby is going to be on it and someone else too but I don’t really know. You can usually read the info on Amazon or on the actual T&B site I think. If I get the time, I’ll translate.

Vol 3: Keith and Ivan help Nathan run a shop.

That’s all I have for now! Until next time.


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