Deadman Wonderland – ONE REASON (OP song)

For those that watch Deadman Wonderland, I found out something I thought I’d share with fans.

This is the TV-size opening “One Reason” by Fade. [Turn on CC for lyrics]

This song is actually a COVER by Fade x DEADMAN WONDERLAND BAND (DWB)

The original song is “Black Hearts and Dollar Signs” by Fade.

You can tell that they are the same song (minus the lyrics) you can tell the difference much easier during the chorus (“Devils in Disguise”)  around the one minute mark.

At this time, there is no full version of this song. As soon as one is available, I’ll post it.

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2 Responses to Deadman Wonderland – ONE REASON (OP song)

  1. lamented says:

    The first time I heard it I was fascinated. Though I was wondering what’s the nationality of this band coz I thought it’s quite odd to see anime which commence with an english song

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