My Spring 2011 anime list

Below I’m going to list my watch list for Spring 2011/on going. Of course I have anime I’m watching on the side but, these are the series that started in the Spring of this year that I’ll keep up with! (I also hope they have a lot of episodes because these series’ are ones I’m REALLY looking forward to ; u ; ) I may review all 5 of these each episode that’s released, I’ll put *’s next to them to determine their order (from 1 -5)


1. Tiger & Bunny *****

When I heard about this series, well ‘saw’ it was on a anime chart. It had no information at the time and I probably wouldn’t have given it a chance but for some reason, I decided to go on /a/ and someone posted a screencap of this ranom boy in the anime and made a reference to Home Alone. Some people posted other screencaps and I thought, ‘Wow, this might actually be a good series’  —  I tried looking around and only found bad subtitled episodes. I almost gave up then I found a version and let me tell you. I CAN’T shut up about Tiger & Bunny.  I may or may not review it later.

2. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ***

(You can find the PV on my blog post ‘The first love is the best Love’)

Seriously. How could I NOT watch this? I know it’s going to be amazing~ I’m going to wait a little while before watching the first episode however because I’m a bit busy and a series like this can’t be rushed.


3. Deadman Wonderland ****

Oh, how could I put this before Blue Exorcist, oooh! Calm down. I started Deadman Wonderland long ago. I got up to Chapter 21 then stopped because of Snoopycool’s lack of updating (what happened to that guy anyway?) Today I caught up a chapter, how I miss it so much. I can’t wait~ I can’t wait to see Ganta and Senji/Crow’s fight.

4. Blue Exorcist ****

I started out reading the manga, a few days later, I found out it was getting animated. It’s got a really interesting story, well… I mean, a story that SPECIFICALLY STATES that the main character is the son of Satan must be awesome right? It is. It’s got the badass to back it up too.


All I can say is, CRAZY MAD SCIENTIST FTW. I love the dialog between the characters, it’s funny and the plot is a bit crazy and likes to jump around but hey, that gives it rewatch value….least for me it does. That and it takes place in Chaos;Head’s universe, so…why not?



Note 1: Tiger & Bunny WILL get reviewed if I decide to review any anime this season. I’ll probably do it if I get ep.2 subbed soon.

Note 2: Deadman Wonderland and Blue Exorcist are tied. If I review one, I’ll do the other. The one that flops first gets review dropped)

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  1. keripikotaku says:

    steins;gate is great!!

    i like it.

    visit back my blog ..

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