Take off WHAT?

Oh, I know what they can take off.


Yes! The time is here. 2PM‘s Japanese Debut!

This is their Japanese debut single, ‘Take off’ which will also be used as Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist ending song.

It’s got catchy beats and lyrics, how about that chorus? “Waiting, waiting, waiting for the take off!” — I don’t have the lyrics but it seems like a very ‘subliminal’ song, doesn’t it 😉

What take off could they be waiting for? Their debut of course! 2PM is already very popular in Korea, so of course there should be no competition for them in Japan….accept maybe A-Peace (….Right…)

Besides this song, ‘Heartbeat’ will also be sung in Japanese. As of now, I don’t know if that is out anywhere so you can all listen to it. When it is, I’ll post it.

That reminds me, one thing that pisses me off about KPOP groups debuting in Japan is that the ‘soul’ of the song (when originally made in Korean and translated into Japanese) fades away. I’m just hoping this won’t be the case for ‘Heartbeat’.

If you don’t know what I mean, try listening to SNSD’s ‘Gee’ in Korean and then in Japanese. Doesn’t it sound…weak? Not in a bad way but I mean, it doesn’t rhyme as well because think of it this way: If you write a poem in one language, make it rhyme and so on and you translate it to another language, it MOST LIKELY will not rhyme anymore. Why is that? Differences in languages, pronunciation wise and so on. Which gets me sad but…what can you do?

I’ve even heard people in Japan talk about this too. They prefer to listen to the original Korean versions then the Japanese ones.

In any case, 2PM HWAITING!! Make sure to trend #2PMTAKEOFF on Twitter if possible!


That’s all for now, Until next time!~

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