Let’s Cook!: Chapagetti

So, today, I ended up going to H Mart with my mother. We had never been there before (Only to Super 88, since it’s close by) but I was able to talk her into going.
And guess what I got?
Just kidding. I bought quite a few things. I couldn’t really walk around because of the large amount of people blocking aisles and so on.
One of the things I picked up was Chapagetti (a big thanks to Rich for telling me about this too!)

I got home and started cooking, like a BOSS. (No, trust me, it wasn’t….that beastin’)

I decided to use the ‘boil’ method instead of the microwave method because it takes a lot longer to heat up and for water to get to ‘boiling’ …? Yeah, more like ‘steaming’.

(Check out the gallery 😀 — Photo quality is pretty bad since it’s from my iPod)

I personally thought it was delicious but I added too much soup base…and a whole packet of chili powder (WHICH IS NEVER BAD. The more chili the better :9)

My mother also taste tested it and said she was surprised (you can guess why, haha).

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That kid who posts about Tiger & Bunny and some times other things.
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