Hey there everyone!
Unfortunately, this blog isn’t being very well maintained and I apologize for that! I will be posting every now and then when I have something worth posting.

Originally this blog was suppose to be an every day posting type of blog, I did music posts and eventually it became a T&B blog for a small portion of time and I gained a few readers (thank you so much to those who have come to check out something on my blog, it means a great deal to me!)

If anyone has any questions for me or anything about this blog, the best way to contact me is on tumblr (demyandere). Whether the question is anon or not, it’s fine, but I try my best to help everyone! You may also follow me on there (since I post a real lot there now).

Thank you again everyone!

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Project [K] – 3rd Promo (quick look!)

In the beginning of the 3rd promo for [K] there are a bunch of quote that belong to each of the characters. If you remember what type face their name was in, then you know their quote.

One I found interesting was this;

The Seven Kings could refer to Revelation 17:10 (no I’m not gonna get biblical, but listen out): “Five kings have already fallen, the sixth now reigns, and the seventh is yet to come, but his reign will be brief.”

There are also SEVEN colors, which must represent those those kings. Some of the characters were also given colors.

Neko is Peach/Pink
Kuroh (long hair who appears with Yashiro) is Black
Yashiro is white (which is funny because white is in his name)
Mikoto is Red (like his hair)
Reiji is blue (also like his hair)

I don’t know if colors are associated to hair, but it’s a very odd similarity that makes me believe there’s something more to it.

Going back to Revelation 17:10, it is said that FIVE kings have fallen and one is ruling. We can assume that the one ruling is Reiji because of his attire and association with what we’ll call the militia for now. The other five have fallen. This can also be backed up by the fact that ONLY Neko, Kuroh, Yashiro and Mikoto were revealed together. As to who the seventh will be may be answered within the anime IF the prediction is correct.

Now what about the Seven Destines?

I want to point out these next two pictures for this one:

At first, I believed that both sides were in fact competing to become one of the seven kings. Anyway, Notice how in each picture there is only 6 people. In the first one, Yashiro is missing. In the second, Reiji is missing. This could mean that they may be controlling these “teams”. We just really don’t know.

As more information about [K] comes in, I’ll post stuff! Until next time.

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Kiyoshi Sugo – [Awaking ft I HATE THIS PLACE] lyrics

((I wrote them out because I hadn’t found a place that had the lyrics anywhere. There might be one or two lines in there may not be 100% correct so feel free to tell me what you think they are or what the official lyrics are! Enjoy!))

I heard your song on the radio in my sleep late last night.
And through the noise of the city lights I tried to find you.
All my thoughts are grey except the ones of your eyes.
Hear me coming back to life.

And now I’m deep in your sound but before this song is through
I want to be awake with you.
Because you make me believe that there’s nothing I can’t do
I want to be awake

All I see
Faces vacantly staring back into their lives
with all their dreams now just memories they never realized
all their thoughts are grey but if they could just see your smile
they’d be coming back to life

And now I dream in your sound but before this song is through
I want to be awake with you
Because you make believe that there’s nothing I can’t do
I want to be awake with you

stay awake with me (x4)

and now i dream in your sound but before this song is through
I want to be awake with you
Because you make me believe that there’s nothing I can’t do
I want to be awake

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Hey guys!! Demy here. Sorry for not posting for so long. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought for a couple months and decided to start Let’s Plays on youtube. If you guys can please watch this video, it would mean the world to me. Even if you guys can just contribute with a name of a PC game we could play down in the comments, it would be really great!

All of you who have been following my blog, I really appreciate it so much and I hope you guys can forgive me for being so lazy, but I’ve been doing a lot of things for me that I’ve just HAD to do.

Thanks again!


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“Everything must have a beginning”

Hello everyone! I’m making a super quick post about the heroes sponsors for the first T&B movie, TIger & Bunny: The Beginning.

is the official site.

Kotetsu: 1 new sponsor (Family Mart, YAY!!)
Barnaby: No new sponsors but now he’s tied with Kotetsu.
Karina: No new sponsors.
Antonio: 1 new sponsor (Hybrid. I can’t read the whole name)
Sky High: 2 new sponsors
Pao Lin: 1 new sponsor (she also lost DMM.com)
Ivan: 4 sponsors total (including the ones he gained during the series and I believe he only lost ANIME.com

That’s all for now!

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TIGER&BUNNY Figure Review!

Hello everyone! I’d like to apologize for not posting in a long time.

Before New Years Eve, I’m hoping to post up a review of my Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. figures which arrived not too long ago. It’ll have lots of pictures (and pose pictures, some of which have already been uploaded to my tumblr)

So, make sure to watch out for that post soon! If there are any delays, I’ll make sure to post about it before the year end.

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You can get it here

— THE OST WAS NOT ripped/uploaded by me and the downloads are NOT hosted on anime-mp3’s website or hosted by me or my blog. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please notify me. —

RECOMMENDED UNPACKER: 7zip (If WinRAR fails, please use 7zip as an alternative. If 7zip fails, try WinRAR. If both do not work, contact me)

[Note: If you like it, please support the release and buy it from CDJapan or any other online shop that has anime CD’s and import goods :)]

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